A Vaccine: Those Taking it will be Marked

In Spiritual Counsels II: Spiritual Awakening, the following words of Saint Paisios of Mount Athos are found:

Tons of fish have been marked and are being observed through satellites to study their migration patterns. And now a vaccine has been developed to combat a new disease, which will be obligatory and those taking it will be marked. Many people there are already marked with some sort of laser beam, on the forehead, on the arm. Later on, anyone who is not marked with the number 666 will not be able to either buy or sell, to get a loan, to get a job, and so forth. My thinking tells me that this is the system through which the Antichrist has chosen to take over the whole world, and people who are not part of this system won’t be able to find work and so on, — whether black or white or red; in other words, everyone he will take over through an economic system that controls the global economy, and only those who have accepted the seal, the mark of the number 666, will be able to participate in business dealings.

But what will become of the people who are sealed! An expert was telling me that laser beams are harmful to people. People who are marked will attract the rays of the sun and suffer such harm that they will gnaw their tongues in pain (cf. Rev 16:10). Those who are not sealed will have a better fate than the others, because Christ will help those who are not sealed. And this is no small matter.

These prophetic words from this beloved Athonite elder of recent times have been a topic of great interest over the last year. In all humbleness, the author of this blog will attempt to offer some possible interpretation.

First, when attempting to interpret such words, one must take into consideration when they were given and who gave them. Arsenios, the name Saint Paisios was baptized with as a child, learned carpentry after completing intermediate public school. During the civil war in Greece following World War II, he served as a radio operator. Soon after the war, he went to Mount Athos and after four years of being a novice, was tonsured a monk, being given the name Averkios. A couple of years later, he was given the Small Schema with the new name Paisios.

With his training and work as a radio operator in the latter half of the 1940’s, Saint Paisios would have had some technical knowledge, but not in laser beams and satellites. Although I received technical training in both laser beams and satellites 30 years ago, I have never worked with them professionally, having focused on software development. My own experience in discussing technology with those unfamiliar with it often revealed an inability on the part of the untrained to accurately articulate their thoughts and ideas on the subject, but taking this into account, it was possible to understand what they were attempting to describe. Furthermore, Saint Paisios more likely explained what he foresaw to a technically trained person and that technically trained person attempted to apply it to the technology he was familiar with at that time. Thus, the specific mentioning of laser beams and satellites may not be entirely correct, but merely the best fit for what he was describing in the 1980’s and/or early 1990’s.

Saint Paisios mentioned an “expert.” I cannot say with any certitude who this expert was, after all, many people from all walks of life came to the holy elder for advice. However, I do know that after a decade of working as a computer programmer and systems analyst, articling as a Chartered Accountant, then working as a computer auditor for a major oil company, and finally read for an M.Sc. (Applied) in Economics (M.B.A.) in the UK, a certain Canadian took a leave of absence from the University of London to test his vocation on Mount Athos, eventually entering the Monastery of Simonopetra. During his over 30 years on the Holy Mountain before I met him, he spent quite some time with Saint Paisios. In truth, it was only after his repose, almost two years after I first met him, that I discovered how much expertise he had with technology. The only major discussion I had with him about technology, though, was the one time he began telling me about a certain new feature of the Firefox web browser. Regardless of whether or not this is the specific “expert” Saint Paisios was referring to in the above quote, this is proof that Saint Paisios did have at his disposal, even living close by on Mount Athos, at least one expert with such technical knowledge.

It seemed apparent to me at first that the mentioning of laser beams and satellites was a mistaken interpretation on the part of the expert (or possibly experts) Saint Paisios was consulting. I do not suggest that such a mistaken interpretation was an outright error, but a misapplication of Saint Paisios’ prophecy to technology that was known by that expert at that time. Considering it from this perspective, I am inclined to suggest Saint Paisios’ prophecy is more likely referring to the fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks, commonly known as 5G. In looking up some relevant information as I wrote this, I see that the proposed 6G standard suggests the use of satellites using terahertz waves (THF), which is currently only experimental. This means that the mentioning of satellites may be entirely correct and my original interpretation of Saint Paisios’ prophecy from a few months ago was incorrect because future technical knowledge was not yet available to me, a common problem in understanding and interpreting prophecies of the future. However, rather than laser beams, I believe super high frequency (SHF), extremely high frequency (EHF), and now tremendously high frequency (THF) electromagnetic communication signals would have more likely fit, but the expert Saint Paisios was consulting would not have known this nor about the adverse effects of electromagnetic pollution.

There is no need to go hunting for the number 666 within cell phone technology because it was right there from the beginning in every mobile phone cell across North America and a few other locales, even if that specific standard is no longer used. Although the number 666 may turn up in other places (as it often does, seemingly rather arbitrarily), it is an important number in AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System), the standard for analog mobile phones developed by Bell Labs and Motorola. The FCC (the Federal Communications Commission in the United States) originally granted each wireless telephone carrier 666 channels for their cells: 333 channels for sending signals to customers’ mobile phones and 333 for receiving signals. I could go into more detail, but it’s sufficient to say that this number appears, at least historically, very prominently within cell phone technology and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s found elsewhere in association with this technology… for some “arbitrary” reason.

The Communist government of China’s use of cell phone technology in connection with their economic system is an example of how such technology is already being used to control a population. This seems to be the obvious system described in Saint Paisios’ prophecy, with 6G making a global system possible.

An interpretation of the words, “will attract the rays of the sun and suffer such harm that they will gnaw their tongues in pain (cf. Rev 16:10),” also seem very obvious to me. They remind me of the words of a friend: “It’s like a burning under my skin, like fire or a bad sunburn, but under the skin. It can be unbearable.” This friend suffered from an environmental illness that began after a chemical exposure. Everyone who visited her would have to leave any cell phones in the car and she had much of the electricity shut off in her house, staying as far away as she could from where the electricity could not be shut off.

Although I did not initiate the idea, this is how I ended up being one of the founding members and webmaster of the Environmental Health Association of Alberta (whose website still uses the proprietary code I wrote around two decades ago). I have not been actively involved with this association for several years, but my previous involvement provided an informative introduction to this subject, as well as a survey of relevant health standards around the world. Again, I could go into more detail, but I think the information on their website about Electromagnetic Pollution, the above interpretation of Saint Paisios’ prophecy regarding cell phones, and the words of my friend should make it obvious. I will, however, point out that much of the information and scientific research regarding this issue that was available on the internet a decade ago is no longer online, though some can currently still be found on The Wayback Machine website.

There are a number of ways to acquire a chemical injury that could potentially make a person exceedingly sensitive to electromagnetic pollution like this, not to mention developing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). One way that is generally unacknowledged and often even denied by the medical community is from the use of pharmaceutics, such as vaccines and various medications, which are acknowledged to cause a number of other neurological disorders.

Given the history of lawsuits against the majority of major pharmaceutical manufacturers, they could legitimately be referred to as criminal organizations. This does not negate the reality that these same companies produce life prolonging products (they do not actually save lives, but only prolong physical life). The Hells Angels do a great deal of “good” charity work, but they also run illegal drugs and prostitution, so just because pharmaceutical manufacturers produce many “good” products does not mean they are not also criminal organizations. (This comparison is only in regards to unrelated acts being criminal. No offence was intended towards the Red & White.) In truth, many legal drugs commonly prescribed by physicians were approved for the market via bribery and falsified research data. For the sake of brevity, I will refer you to the webzine Mad in America, on which I am also an author, for you to do your own research.

Do I believe the various “vaccines” for a coronavirus that is no more, and even less, deadly than some of the coronaviruses we’ve had in the past are the “mark of the beast”? No. (Note to fact-checkers: see warning below.)

Perhaps someone familiar with the Greek words Saint Paisios used will correct me, but the English translation I have specifically says “will be marked.” I believe that eventually, once many people have become dependent upon the “updates” that the “vaccine” manufactures say will be necessary, accepting the mark will become necessary before receiving any medical intervention. However, like many of the pharmaceutical products that have been on the market for decades, suffering will incur if someone stops receiving these “vaccine updates.” Additionally, like many of the pharmaceutical products that have been on the market for decades, these “vaccines” will effect a person’s mind, if not the current ones, the future “updates,” and “and those taking it will be marked” without any resistance whatsoever.

Profits and even population control are likely the only motivates behind these “vaccines,” but Christians know who inspires such evil motives.

I could be wrong, but I believe that the actual mark may come from seemingly unrelated fields: video games and advertising. Those already sharing the mindset of the Antichrist are blissfully even looking forward to it. The video below of a presentation in 2010 by Carnegie Mellon University Professor Jesse Schell on game development should give those who have ears to hears something to ponder:

D.I.C.E. Summit 2010: Design Outside The Box, Jesse Schell

Have you noticed over the last half of a century how unusual hair styles and colours, tattoos, even on the face, and piercings everywhere, especially on the face, though many are now covered, have become normal? Have you also noticed how popular video games have become? Even grandmothers are seemingly addicted to Facebook games. As noted, most faces are now covered by masks, often leaving only (blank) foreheads visible. I could be wrong, but I believe this decade old presentation may predict the exact technical nature of the Mark of the Beast: a digital tattoo on the forehead or right hand that is controlled via a centralized global wireless communication system.

If this is true, most likely you will be able to have one of these digital tattoos for “free,” but you will be very limited in what you control on it. If you pay, with money that has become not much different from video game points, you will be able to make some decisions about what is displayed on it, the more you pay, the more control you will have.

Due to face masks, people will have lost their identity as autonomous persons and the forehead will be the only place to display their individuality. Thus, those who share in the Antichrist’s way of thinking will have a digital tattoo on their forehead. And, as Saint Andrew of Caesarea explained, those who only recognize the Antichrist’s authority will accept it on their right hand, such as priests and bishops who want to keep their parishes open. Thus, seeing an unmarked hand will be important before taking a blessing, so we must begin kissing the hands of clergy again to avoid receive a “blessings” from the Antichrist.

Anyway, I’m not sure about all that because we will not know for sure until the Mark of the Beast has been fully implemented. Nonetheless, as Dr. Jesse Schell said:

I do know this stuff is coming. Man! It’s got to come! What’s going to stop it?!!

Have you started the “vaccines”? Yes, this was a mistake, but it would be a greater mistake to continue with the “updates.” The harm already done is unknown, perhaps, by the grace of God, the harm is minimal or merely resulted in immunocompromisation. Stop now. If this results in suffering, recall the Holy Forty Martyrs of Sebastia, especially the one who voluntarily took the place of the apostate who traded his heavenly wreath for a warm bath.

Likewise, it is a good idea to begin investigating ways of becoming independent of all pharmaceutical products, especially those associated with the pseudo-medical field of “psychiatry.” There are others who have experience in this, so search them out.

There is very good reason to believe the words of another great spiritual elder of recent times, Archimandrite Savvas Achilleos: “The Antichrist will take over the health system. All medications will be turned to poison. And whoever takes these medicines will be poisoned and will parish.” However, that is the topic of another blog post.

As for the first sentence of this prophecy by Saint Paisios about fish being marked and observed through satellites, why was this mentioned? Could it be a reference to the Apostles being “fishers of men”? (see Matthew 4:19 & Mark 1:17) Could the global communications network be for the apostles of the Antichrist to catch a multitude of fish, maybe even “one hundred and fifty-three”? (see John 21) Many will be caught in this network of the Antichrist, but as Christ said, “What is that to you? You follow Me.”

WARNING: a disclaimer is usually included in posts such as this one stating that the authors cannot give medical advice and that such advice must be sought from persons with a history of prescribing medications that cause suicidal and homicidal ideation, sometimes even resulting in mass shootings. As well, “fact-checkers” with direct or indirect connections to those with financial and/or political interests in these matters often invent fallacious excuses to dismiss all factual information found in posts such as this one. Of course, an inability to make rational arguments against something can often be interpreted as confirming the truth in what they are unable to argue against.